Monday, August 15, 2005

Too Much Time on His Hands?

According to a story dated August 12, 2005, in
Canberra, Shane Willmott is working with mice.
Training them, to be specific.

To surf.

“He has trained three mice, named Harry, Chopsticks
and Bunsen, to surf small waves on tiny mouse-size
surf boards at beaches on the country's Gold Coast.
The mice are put through rigorous bathtub training and
then some have their fur dyed when it is time to hit
the beach.”

"Usually if he is surfing big waves, I usually colour
his hair up. Because he's white, when he gets in the
whitewash it's hard to find him," Willmott said.

Harry, Chopsticks and Bunsen live in miniature
custom-made villas and own specially made jet skis.”

Is there no end to the benefits of a sound graduate

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