Friday, August 05, 2005


Oh, how we have longed for this day!

It was an orgiastic blogosphere yesterday, as the most
hated man in America, the Prince of Darkness himself,
Bob Novak, had a meltdown on live TV.

CNN host Ed Henry had on Novak and James Carville to
banter about the day’s events.

But he very cleverly placed a huge copy of “Who’s Who
in America” right in front of Novak. With a Post-It
Note strategically placed.

Novak cited the book in a column published this
Monday, meant to exonerate himself, (and Rove)
suggesting he got Valerie Plame’s name from the book.
But did he check the book? He started sweating as
soon as saw it sitting there.

It’s just like when Tom Cruise brings the airmen into
the courtroom to rattle Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good
Men.” It worked then, too -- he blows a gasket.

Within seconds, with Carville needling Novak over
something trivial, Novak yanked off his microphone and
stormed off the set.


"He's gotta show these right-wingers that he's got
backbone, you know. The Wall Street Journal editorial
page is watching you. Show 'em you're tough."

Novak: "Well, I think that's b******t! I hate that."

Novak to Ed Henry: "Just let it go."

Novak rips off microphone and storms off.

Later, Ed Henry apologized to viewers for Novak's
leaving the set "a little early," and then added this

"I had told him in advance that we were going to ask
him about the CIA leak case. He was not here for me to
be able to ask him about that. Hopefully, we'll be
able to ask him about that in the future."

Guess again.

This is it, people. This is the Right Wing Crack-Up
I’ve been talking about. This revolution will be


Booster Rockets? Check!
Gizmo control? Check!
Hypertechnical stuff? Check!
Outer Space Gadgets? Check!
Duct Tape? Check!

I watched with fascination the liftoff of the
Discovery on the computer, and later watched on live
tv the attempt to manually fix the shuttle by going
outside and “tugging on it.”

They actually had a hacksaw rigged up with duct tape.

Duct tape -- really?

Isn't this a trillion dollar program?

Hey, whatever works. Don’t leave home without it.


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