Friday, August 05, 2005


The Right wing just can’t seem stop bashing combat
veterans. First it was Max Cleland, then Wes Clark,
then John Kerry and the infamous purple band aids.

What did Rush Limbaugh call all U.S. soldiers serving
in civilian areas – that is, the most dangerous areas?

A “Staff Puke”.

Really. In fact, he said it several times.

Have all the drugs gone to his head? Has the evil in
him just started to ooze out?

This is a guy, who -- I am not kidding -- got out of
Vietnam because he had a large pimple on his rear end.

He said it in reference to Paul Hackett the Major
running for Congress in Ohio, but he said in reference
to position he held, not to him personally.

Limbaugh was talking to an Navy officer
who called into his radio show. Rush asked what "civilian" affairs
officers do. The guy said they liaison with the local authorities.

"So he wasn't in combat," said Limbaugh

The guy said right, then Limbaugh said “so he was
just a STAFF PUKE.”

So Limbaugh's slur applies to everyone with that job, which happens
to be extremely important and hazardous.

These people make me sick.


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