Friday, August 05, 2005

Question of the Week

Tucked into the egregious pork-laden energy bill
enacted last week was a provision to ease U.S. export
restrictions on:

(A) Sugar

(B) Solar Panels

(C) Electric cells

(D) Soy-based fuel

(E) Hybrid vehicles

(F) Weapons Grade Uranium

Answer: F

From the Washington Post:

“A provision tucked into the 1,724-page energy bill
that Congress is poised to enact today would ease
export restrictions on bomb-grade uranium, a lucrative
victory for a Canadian medical manufacturer and its
well-wired Washington lobbyists.”

“The Burr Amendment -- named for its sponsor, Sen.
Richard Burr (R-N.C.) -- would reverse a 13-year-old
U.S. policy banning exports of weapons-grade uranium
unless the recipients agree to start converting their
reactors to use less-dangerous uranium.”

Just so we’re clear:

The Republican will sell out American security for
money, and the company that benefits isn’t even

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