Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory in New Mexico
is missing 69 computers, including at least a dozen that were stolen last year, a lab spokesman said. No classified information has been lost, spokesman Kevin Roark said.

The watchdog group Project on Government Oversight on Wednesday released a memo dated Feb. 3 from the Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration that said 67 computers were missing, including 13 that were lost or stolen in past 12 months.

Roark initially confirmed those figures, but later updated them. He said a total of 80 computers were lost or stolen in 2008, but 11 were recovered.

Space is a Big Place - But Not Big Enough

Big Satellites Collide 500 miles Over Siberia

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – Two big communications satellites collided
in the first-ever crash of its kind in orbit, shooting out a pair of massive debris clouds and posing a slight risk to the international space station. NASA said it will take weeks to determine the full magnitude of the crash, which occurred nearly 500 miles over Siberia on Tuesday.

NASA believes any risk to the space station and its three astronauts is low.
It orbits about 270 miles below the collision course. There also should be no danger to the space shuttle set to launch with seven astronauts on Feb. 22, officials said, but that will be re-evaluated in the coming days.

"We knew this was going to happen eventually," said Mark Matney,
an orbital debris scientist at Johnson Space Center in Houston.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Real America Gets the Truth. We Need the Stimulus.

Everyone gets it but the out-of-touch Republicans in Congress in thrall to Ayn Rand. Will they pay any price at all?

'No' Vote On Stimulus Package Irks Those 'In The Trenches'
By James Oliphant
February 3, 2009

Cape Coral, Fla. — Jim Burch is a proud man from a proud town. "It breaks my heart to say we need help," he says.

And so Burch, the mayor of Cape Coral, was not happy when his congressman, Rep. Connie Mack, voted against the $819-billion stimulus package last week, joining every other Republican House member in opposing the bill.

"Politics has no business where the people and the despair I see in my city are concerned," said Burch, who had traveled to Washington last month to press for passage of the stimulus bill.

Burch's unhappiness shows the tension over the massive spending and tax-cut bill between Republicans in Congress, who generally oppose the legislation as it is now formulated, and state and local officials, who say their communities need an infusion of federal money.

The mayor, whose office is nonpartisan, said the package could provide millions of dollars for local projects. The city might be able restart the upgrade of its sewer and water systems, a project that ended several months ago for lack of funds, taking more than 1,000 jobs with it.

Many local Republicans disagree with Mack's vote. Ray Judah, a Lee County commissioner, said he hoped Mack would "recognize the critical need for infusion of funds for capital projects and job creation." Judah said that local boards are the ones "in the trenches . . . who clearly understand the importance" of the package.

Republican state Rep. Gary Aubuchon added that stimulus dollars would "enable commercial development and reduce unemployment." The state's highest-profile Republican, Gov. Charlie Crist, has been an advocate for the package, which could send as much as $10 billion to Florida.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - February, 1, 2009

This Week with George Stephanopoulos
February, 1, 2009

Stephanopoulos: Buy American?

Schmidt: screw that - my grandma was a telephone operator and she lost her job to the PhoneBot 2000

Frank: There are British riots hating on Italians - they don't want them taking their Top Chef jobs

Stephanopoulos: that's not good for anyone

DeMint: i have a suggestion - let's cut taxes and regulations!!

Frank: oh yeah that's the problem - not enough regulations

DeMint: [ interrupts ] that's so gai

Frank: shut up ya neocon freak

DeMint: don't call it stimulus when it's government spending

Frank: but it is

DeMint: this is biggest spending ever in history

Frank: no that's the war in Iraq which is apparently free

Stephanopoulos: sorry we're not allowed to talk about that

Frank: well that's the problem isn't it?

FedEx: you have to understand that poor Wall Street types depend on bonuses but then again if you take taxpayer money you should probably not have a $1,400 wastebasket

Stephanopoulos: are teh CEOs idiots?

Schmidt: the best way to compensate CEOs is first with stock and then with taxpayer money

Frank: speaking of the Iraq war this is collateral damage in reverse it’s "collateral benefit" which is when you help people and accidentally aid scumbags

Stephanopoulos: interesting point

Frank: don't underestimate the anger of average American over all this stealing

DeMint: we know cutting taxes jolts the economy immediately

Stephanopoulos: how do we know that?

DeMint: the Heritage Foundation said so

Frank: oh well fuck it then

DeMint: don't call it stimulus when all you are doing is building a bridge - how many Hummers does that buy?

Frank: you are stimulating people from not dying from a collapsed bridge

DeMint: if spending worked America would have the best economy in the world

Frank: Jim why do you hate America??

Stephanopoulos: Obama Failed. To get GOP votes.

Will: Obama let liberals write this bill just because they won the 2008 elections it's outrageous

Stephanopoulos: so?

Will: the protectionism will cost jobs

Stephanopoulos: oh of course

Sanger: the issue is should we kill America like Dems want or fix America like GOP want?

Stephanopoulos: that's it

Woodward: the banks are breaking and liberals want to act without knowing facts - unlike the Bush administration

Stephanopoulos: Obama has failed domestically -
how is he failing internationally?

Radatz: give him time

Stephanopoulos: Afghanistan is Obama's Vietnam

Will: I can't believe Obama got us into Afghanistan it's the size of Texas - is he insane???

Stephanopoulos: who's fault is this?

Will: Obama - and Bill Clinton

Radatz: it's so big the whole idea of going into Afghanistan is crazy!!

Woodward: it's nuts!!

Woodward: When is the peace Obama promised a week ago??? Where is it???

Sanger: he's a failure like Bush!!

Stephanopoulos: so true

Sanger: Obama is going to have invade Pakistan if he aspires to be a great failure like George Bush

Stephanopoulos: should we surrender to the Taliban?

Will: Bush was better because he aspired to greatness and failed where Obama has lower expectations and may succeed

Radatz: the whole idea of being in Afghanistan is ridiculous

Stephanopoulos: did you point this out when Bush was President?

Radatz: no - he gave me a nickname and wiggled his fingers at me once

Woodward: why are we in Afghanistan it's an outrage!!

Radatz: meanwhile Iraq is a paradise

Will: a gangsta's paradise?

Woodward: but but but we have no strategy only a plan!!

Sanger: I agree Obama has made one mistake after another -- first invading Iraq and now Afghanistan

Stephanopoulos: it's crazy

Sanger: Bush was a wonderful President and Obama is very nice but he's no Chimpy

Woodward: speaking from 30,000 feet for a moment

Audience: ban this whiny fucker

Will: the economy here is bad imagine who bad it is in Afghanistan

Stephanopoulos: and all the money Obama wants to spend there!

Sanger: People have begun to understand that Iraq was very expensive

Stephanopoulos: Just in time!

Sanger: and invading Iraq took our eye off the ball in Afghanistan

Stephanopoulos: Truly Obama is a bad President

Radatz: indeed

Woodward: i would like whine some more

[ whine whine whine ]