Monday, August 15, 2005


The Australian National Rugby Team filled out
questionnaires as part of a team bonding session this
week, which were leaked to the media. What question
were they asked?

(A) “Why do you like rugby?”

(B) “What is your favourite non-sporting activity?”

(C) “What historical figure would you like to meet?”

(D) “How do you think the team could improve?”

(E) “Which teammate would you eat if we were forced to
resort to cannibalism?”

Answer: E

Actually, I'm paraphrasing - I don't the exact question asked.
Whatever it was, the quiz was inspired by the Uruguayan
rugby team which crashed in the Andes in 1972,
and inspired the movie “Alive,' with Ethan Hawke.

One player said that he would chose a particular
teammate for dessert because, he reasoned, "The amount
of sweets he puts in, it's got to rub off in his meat

Definitely something you need to know AHEAD of time.

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