Monday, August 29, 2005


This is what fascism looks like.

“Meeting briefly with reporters Monday aboard Air
Force One, Trent Duffy, a White House spokesman
subbing for Scott McClellan, said that President Bush
believes that those who want the U.S. to begin to
change course in Iraq DO NOT WANT AMERICA TO WIN the
overall "war on terror."

Not that they disagree as to how to win. No. If you
want to change course in Iraq, it’s because you don’t
want to win.

This is, I’m afraid to say, fascism.

Duffy said that Bush "can understand that people don't
share his view that we must win the war on terror, and
we cannot retreat and cut and run from terrorists, but
he just has a different view. He believes it would be
a fundamental mistake right now for us to cut and run
in the face of terrorism, because if we've learned
anything, especially from the 9/11 Commission Report,
it is that to continue to retreat after the Cole,
after Beirut and Somalia is to only empower terrorists
and to give them more recruiting tools as they try to
identify ways to harm Americans.”

It was Ronald Reagan who scampered out of Beirut.

And Bush based his entire "foreign policy" of his 2000 campaign for President on NOT getting U.S. forces involved in, or in places or situatuations like Somalia. "I don't believe in nation building."

What the hell....

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FletcherDodge said...

I don't see the fascism connection. Bush hasn't disbanded congress or cancelled national elections. He was chosen by a majority of the electorate, an electorate that had not reason to expect a change in course.