Tuesday, January 29, 2008

57 Delegates At Stake Today in Florida

Delegate Count:

Romney: 67

McCain: 38

Huckabee: 26

Paul: 6

Giuliani: 1

Delegates at stake today, in Florida's
Winner-Take-All-Primary: 57


Monday, January 28, 2008

Homes Sales Drop Sharply

Home Sales Drop Sharply in December

(Reuters) — Sales of new single-family homes fell 4.7 percent in December to the lowest rate in nearly 13 years while the median sales price dropped sharply, according to a government report Monday that delivered more grim news for the housing sector.

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Dana Perino Quotes Top Gun on Economy

Dana Perino, today:

"The President listens to his
Commanders on the economy."

"We have a need for speed."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Moments in Transcription

From Time's Swampland, quoting Obama:

before there was King the icon and his magnificent dream,
there was King the young preacher and a people who found
themselves suffering under the yolk of oppression.

Cholesterol levels were through the roof.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meet The Press with Sen. Hillary Clinton - January 13, 2008

Meet The Press
January 13, 2008
Host: Tim Russert
Guest: Senator Hillary Clinton

Tim Russert: you attacked Martin Luther King - would like to attack Abraham Lincoln or JFK on my show this morning?

Hillary Clinton: no thanks

Russert: you claim Obama is an Islamic drug dealer

Clinton: i haven't heard that

Russert: you hate civil rights activists?

Clinton: no i love MLK - i marched with Dr. King and Mitt Romney and he was he was gassed and jailed and campaigned

Russert: so what does that have to do with you and Obama

Clinton: Obama is a big liar he’s trying to reverse-Swift-boat me

Russert: very clever

Clinton: look i'm female and he's black so let's all be happy and not get bogged down

Russert: bill attacked him as a fairy tale but i love fairy tales

Clinton: ok Obama was against the war in 2002 but by 2004 he was voting for the funding the war

Russert: so did you!

Clinton: yeah but he didn't introduce legislation against the war when he could have

Russert: what do you want him to do?

Clinton: he said i killed Bhutto and Tim you can't prove that!!!

Russert: Rep Clyburn says Bill was offensive

Clinton: no no no you mislead pumpkinhaid

Russert: even Donna Brazille hates you

Clinton: oh 'cooking with grease' give me a break

Russert: some random black woman says you are minimizing King and it takes a white man to make change happen

Clinton: you fat liar Obama compared himself to Kennedy and he was a war hero and King was a real leader and Obama is just a kid

Russert: so he's not a legendary politician big deal

Clinton: King would endorse me today because i am a legislator and Obama is just a pretty speechmaker

Russert: so you don't hate black people?

Clinton: no i admire politically active blacks not eloquent Johnny-come-latelies like Obama

Russert: you compare Obama to demagogues like Huey Long!!

Clinton: he's just a speaker and he has done nothing goddamitt i've taken shit for the party and bill clinton and upstate new york and i'm owed dammit

Russert: why should people vote for you

Clinton: i'm really boring

Russert: you say you’re workhorse and he's a showhorse

Clinton: look i've paid my dues and did hard work

Russert: Obama talks pretty but is lazy?

Clinton: oh don't tempt me fatty

Russert: you cried why -- your time of the month?

Clinton: no i'm human stupid and i was touched by voters telling me about all their problems it's fucking moving Timmy

Russert: but that woman voted later for Barack because you're stiff and dull

Clinton: fuck you timmy i mean that

Russert: is obama unready?

Clinton: totally only i can deal with the economy, health care, iraq, iran and afghanistan

Russert: was that a yes?

Clinton: yes - he only passed an anti-lunch bill whereas i can answer hundreds of questions

Russert: you won in 2000 cause Lazio went after you and after Obama and Edwards ganged up you played the gender card

Clinton: bullshit obama is the one playing the race card

Russert: oh?

Clinton: i'm a daughter and wife and sister and a lover

Russert: you're tied with Barack

Clinton: but i've walked through the fires of hell for 35 years

Russert: what's the best reason to vote for you

Clinton: it will makes Chris Matthews absolutely crazy

Russert: If Saint Petreaus says we should stay will you let our troops will stay??

Clinton: no because on Day One we will begin troops withdraw in the first 60 days and pressure the Iraqis to get their shit together

Russert: But the Generals!

Clinton: in January of 2009 our troops will come home so the Iraqis best get used to it

Russert: The surge has worked and you know it!!!!

Clinton: Timmy i use small words now -- the surge has failed to achieve political unity - of course our troops are good at killing but it's still killing

Russert: but awesome killing

Russert: you voted for the war and attacking Saddam and the same day Obama gave a speech where he was proven fucking right

Clinton: oh just words Timmeh look i didn't support the war just a vote disarm Saddam by force

Russert: oh ok

Clinton: Obama wanted to surrender to Saddam and just let him keep his biological weapons

Russert: the ones he didn't have

Clinton: Obama should have held himself to a higher standard because of his speech and not support John Kerry otherwise what is the point of even having a Magic Negro???

Russert: you voted for war and if you disagree that's bunk

Clinton: i'm not going to give the UN Security Council a veto over American policy

Russert: don't we sit on the Security Council?

Clinton: the point is i was very strongly in favor of only give a Bush a year to attack Iraq

Russert: oh good

Clinton: it wasn't a vote for force

Russert: the title of the bill was a vote for use of force

Clinton: we can sit here and argue about who voted for what but the point is Obama was supporting Bush in 2004

Russert: but so did you??

Clinton: yeah but I don't pretend to be perfect like he does!!

Russert: did he have better judgment in 2002

Clinton: one little decision

Russert: it was a decision to go war!

Clinton: Ask him about his positions since then!

Russert: i did

Clinton: his answer was very political

Russert: oh noes!

Clinton: yeah he pretends he's all non-political but everyone knows i'm triangulating so it doesn’t count

Russert: so no fair

Clinton: right - we need someone careful now not someone who’s going to go off half cocked and inspire people

Russert: doris kearns goodwin says you haven't learned

Clinton: oh fuck her

Russert: do you wish you had read the NIE?

Clinton: hey i thought i was voting for sending inspectors in

Russert: punk'd!

Clinton: bush himself said the vote i cast was to avoid war

Russert: you fucked up - you trusted him

Clinton: President Otter yes

Russert: back in 1992 Bill Clinton gave a speech endorsing Obama!

Clinton: no he was the senior governor back then and times are different we need change now and i have 35 years of experience rooted in real lives of real people

Russert: that’s your message?

Clinton: yes I'm tanned rested and ready

Russert: but 20 years ago--

Clinton: no let's talk about the future like the economy and this recession and my proposals

Russert: but you don't pay for them

Clinton: i'm more responsible that Edwards and the black guy

Russert: you don't pay for stimulus

Clinton: well that's different

Russert: but aren't poor subprime buyers bad people?

Clinton: they’re victims of fraud and liars

Russert: sounds like welfare

Clinton: alan greenspan agrees with me

Russert: screw let them - live in their second home

Clinton: oh sure

Russert: you pardoned marc rich and your brother's criminal friends will you pledge to depoliticize the government

Clinton: ha ha that's rich after living through the Bush years

Russert: is there a Vast Right Ring Conspiracy???

Clinton: ha ha ha no comment

Russert: you are a polarizer!

Clinton: no i worked with Republicans in the Senate i'm like a good combination of Edwards and Obama - experience + fighting

Russert: but you work with GOP??

Clinton: trust me timmster they hate my guts

Russert: independents hate you

Clinton: oooh a poll - what a shithead you are

Russert: you hurt mah feelings

Clinton: hey bill only got 3% in Iowa in 1992 and look what happened

Russert: surprise!

Clinton: Obama is not ready you can't vote 'present' when you're presnit

Russert: do you support a lawsuit to prevent people from voting in Nevada

Clinton: a caucus is for neighbors to get together and talk about their choices

Russert: and vote for president

Clinton: oh that

Russert: what's your biggest adversity in life?

Clinton: Bill will sleep with anything that moves

Russert: like who

Clinton: I can't even leave him alone with Barack

Russert: thanks alot Senator and good luck

The Chris Matthews Show - January 13, 2008

Matthews: how can Hillary get people to stop hating her

Woodward: the story is Hillary and her emotions

Tweety: Emo!

Woodward: she's just like you Tweety -- she has to dial her personality down - in other words she's nuts

Borger: whaaaa?

Norris: women loved it when she cried and breaking glass ceilings

Matthews: she should run as a woman

Borger: her whole body is about change and she bent over backwards to look tough and now she has to look human

Matthews: ooh she's phony but the bad guys are after us!!

Brooks: she's Elizabeth Taylor she's walled off

Matthews: she's an 8-time married friend of michael and the chimp?

Borger: I felt it was wrong for Edwards and Obama to gang up and hit her

Norris: blacks worry if they gang on him it will hurt blacks image

Woodward: he's very handsome

Matthews: that is so true

Brooks: people are idiots

Matttews: hey!

Brooks: well not us we're licensed professionals

Norris: dood teh polls were wrong

Matthews: Women voted!

Borger: Obama has to outline an agenda that appeals to waitresses - he's an uppity elitist

Matthews: Rove says Hillary appeals to beer drinkers

Brooks: not Starbucks and wine - that’s Obama

Matthews: who gets Dunkin Donuts vote?

Brooks: that would be Hillary but who will Juan Valdez vote for ???

Matthews: that crazy Edwards won't drop out he's like Ben Stein in Honeymoon in Vegas he's an irritating asshole

Brooks: he's helping Obama because he appeals to the Krizpy Kreme vote

Borger: he's going to be the Burger King-maker!

Woodward: I like McDonalds fries dipped in mayonnaise

Matthews: i love it!

Matthews: the Establishment luvs john McCain!!!

Woodward: well they wanna win and he's got a certain aura - its either moral authority or the stink of impending death

Matthews: i can't tell

Woodward: he's a problem fixer anyone can see that

Borger: i love John McCain because he's not polarizing everyone hates him

Matthews: no doubt he's a patriot and a hero

Brooks: he's our SOB

Matthews: we need him to stop the women and blacks!!!

Norris: Oprah is coming back and Obama will use her in South Carolina!

Woodward: people care about this pesky Iraq war

Matthews: might you have a new book about this??

Woodward: you read my mind you coy bastard

Borger: it's all over on Feb 5 - or maybe not it's all an imperative
The Chris Matthews Show
January 13, 2008

Matthews: March 4th!

Brooks: Obama tires easily i suspect sickle cell

Matthews: maybe his big penis wears him down

Matthews: will candidates dump Bush??

Norris: everyone hates him

Woodward: they will do anything do win they are almost as bad as Dems

Borger: r u kidding? Bush is a horror

Brooks: depends on Iraq

Matthews: ha!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


(AP) ALBANY, NY - Gov. Eliot Spitzer, known for his contentious relationship with state legislators, displayed a decaptitated human head in his State of the State address - a clear message to the Assembly and State Senate, as one aide put it, "not to fuck with him, or suffer the consequences."


Washington Post-ABC News Poll
Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Hampshire Voters
Hillary Clinton - 35
Barack Obama - 29
John Edwards - 17

Actual results, from January 8:

Hillary Clinton - 39
Barack Obama - 37
John Edwards - 17


Number of delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination:


Number of delegates won by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, each, on Tuesday night:



Sunday, January 06, 2008


A while ago, I created a post titled a post "Chris Dodd for Senate Majority Leader".

Dodd has dropped out and more people jumping on the bandwagon for Chris Dodd to replace Harry Reid .

Today, a new post based on John Edwards passion for fighting and his experience litigating against corporations.

If he doens't get the Democratic nomination, and he doesn't want to be Vice President, what better job than U.S. Attorney General in an Obama administration?

*** John Edwards for Attorney General ***

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Countdown with Keith Olbermann - Friday, January 4, 2008

Countdown with Keith Olbermanm
Friday, January 4, 2008
Sen. John Edwards
Richard Wolffe

* John Edwards *

Olbermann: hey a lot of voters turned out last night

Edwards: iowa rejected status quo and kicked hillary to the curb

Olbermann: ouch harsh dood

Edwards: there a 2 candidates who are for change and 2 with a 100 million bucks and there is me

Olbermann: which one r u

Edwards: i'm teh change guy but i'm a fighter and he's a philosopher

Olbermann: Obacrates?

Edwards: right

Olbermann: what about hillary

Edwards: she's yesterday even Obama is better than her

Olbermann: well he won

Edwards: yeah but you get it by fighting

Olbermann: rocky edwards?

Edwards: put up yur dukes

Olbermann: how come teh media sez you lost

Edwards: they're assholes

Olbermann: but not me dood

Edwards: no we need to speak for millions and win in NH

Olbermann: why did you beat blondie

Edwards: i'm real and hillary is just hungry to have a library bigger than bill's and everyone knows it

Olbermann: she can have a whole wing detailing Bill's affairs

Edwards: in the interest of academics

Olbermann: oh of course

* Richard Wolffe *

Olbermann: Obama did all right for himself last night for a state with a bunch of inbred farmers

Wolffe: how the fuck should i know i'm an inbred brit from Drury lane

Olbermann: take a guess dandy

Wolffe: hillary killed vince foster don't underestimate her

Olbermann: they may get vicious

Wolffe: it's tough to attack the young pretty black man

Olbermann: he is handsome

Wolffe: he makes me ooogly

Olbermann: Romney do or die?

Wolffe: he's like female Hillary Clinton

Olbermann: Rudy Guiliani?!

Wolffe: he doesn't like to go out in the daytime -- and that can be a real problem in Iowa and New Hampshire which don't have NYC's nightlife

Olbermann: night shift vote not enough

Wolffe: well there is the undead vote

Olbermann: it put Kennedy over the top

Wolffe: teh classics never die Keith

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Letter from the Writes Guild to its members:

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien here in New York – also are returning Wednesday night, but without their striking writers. Leno, O’Brien and Kimmel are all members of the Guild and have been and continue to be extremely supportive of our strike and their writing staffs. For that we truly are grateful.

Nonetheless, they are coming back without writers and without a new Guild contract, forced back on the air by companies that refuse to sit at the table and bargain with us. We cannot let that pass.

It’s a difficult and painful decision, but the Guilds East and West have determined that we will picket outside the studios of these programs, beginning January 2.