Monday, August 29, 2005


Having seen his body language this week, especially in
Idaho, I think Bush might finally be losing it.

Here’s Bush on why war is hopeful:

“And the reason why that's important is, is that we've
had a -- we had a policy that just said, let the
dictator stay there, don't worry about it. And as a
result of dictatorship, and as a result of tyranny,
resentment, hopelessness began to develop in that part
of the world, which became the -- gave the terrorists
capacity to recruit. We just cannot tolerate the
status quo. We're at war. And so this is a hopeful

Got that?

Here’s Bush on women’s rights:

Question: “If it's rooted in Islam, as it seems it
will be, is that still -- is there still the
possibility of honoring the rights of women?”


“I talked to Condi, and there is not -- as I
understand it, the way the constitution is written is
that women have got rights, inherent rights recognized
in the constitution, and that the constitution talks
about not "the religion," but "a religion."
Twenty-five percent of the assembly is going to be
women, which is a -- is embedded in the constitution.”

Oh, ok. “A religion.” Could be anything. Wicca,
Anglican, Scientology….

Here he is telling everyone the Sunnis will accept the

Bush: “I will tell you I spoke with Secretary Rice
twice this morning, who has been in touch with our
ambassador on the ground. And she is hopeful that
more and more Sunnis will accept the constitution.
Again, I repeat to you that we're watching an amazing
event unfold, and that is the writing of a
constitution which guarantees minority rights, women's
rights, freedom to worship, in a part of the world
that had only -- in a country that had only known

Ok, nothing he said there is true.

The Constitution DOES NOT guarantee women’s rights or
other minority rights.

The Iraqis set a deadline of midnight Friday to agree
to a Constitution.

It was rejected by the Sunnis.

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