Friday, September 30, 2005



Clearly, something is happening. The modern
Republican party has become a parody of Big Spending,
War, Incompetence, Cronyism and Corruption.

Consider this exchange from Joe Scarborough, former
Republican member of Congress, on his tv show.

SCARBOROUGH: “Let me ask you this. After, what‘s it
been now, 11 years, have Republicans become what they
hate? That‘s what Americans think…”



“There has been the belief for some time
that Republicans have slowly morphed into the
Democrats. Now, that‘s not coming from me. That‘s
coming from “The National Review,” that says it‘s hard
to tell the difference between the Republican Party of
2005 and the Democratic Party of 1994. I mean, that‘s
coming from other conservative sources.”

The wheels really are coming off. The spending, the
pork, the obvious corruption – it’s just embarrassing.


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