Friday, September 30, 2005


This is also from Scarborough’s show this week:

(Note: This has been edited for length)

SCARBOROUGH: “You have said a lot of things that have
shocked a lot of people. Explain to me why you think
that Katrina was God‘s wrath.”


“Well, I think, if you look at what‘s going on, this
whole region has always known that, with the church,
that New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are known for

“And if you go to a church and you read your Bible,
you are always told avoid sin and that there‘s
judgment for sin. And I just think that, in my
analysis—and I can‘t speak for everybody, but I
believe that, if you look at the factors, that you had
a city that was known for sin—the signature of New
Orleans is the French Quarter, Bourbon Street. It is
known for sin. And you have a Bible that says God
will judge sin, you can put two and two together and
say, it may not be the judgment of God, but it sure
looks like the footprint.”

So, I just told my friends, in an opinion, I think it
could be the judgment of God on the Gulf Coast and on
New Orleans. And I would urge the good folks that are
the innocent victims to rally and rebuild that city
and get a new signature.”


“I have got to ask you this, Senator. I was on the
ground in Mississippi. We certainly saw the pictures
out of Louisiana. I saw young children, 15-month-old
babies, who were suffering. I saw, in New Orleans,
young children. I mean, you look on TV, you see young
babies dying on the sidewalk of heat exhaustion.
Certainly, these babies aren‘t sinful, are they?
Should they be made to pay for the sins of tourists
from Florida that go over and gamble in New Orleans
and Biloxi?”

ERWIN: “Well, I think you need to understand that,
whenever—wherever sin goes, the sins of a few can
affect the innocence of many.”


“But, you know, Senator—you know, Senator, though, I
mean, the thing about the New Orleans—the New Orleans
storm is that it was the French Quarter that seemed to
be spared of devastation.”


“Well, I understand that, and I think the lord sent
them a message that we need to turn around or we may
have another hurricane come. And I just think the
people who have been going in there, the church people
have been going into the French Quarter for years,
appealing for the people to turn around and get back
right with God. So, I think the message needs to go
even stronger, please turn around, so we never have to
go through this again.”

Sorry for the length, but that man is a STATE SENATOR,
for pete’s sake.

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