Friday, September 30, 2005



This is pretty funny. Judith Miller’s lawyer is Bob
Bennett, Bill Bennett’s brother. So he’s on CNN
today, bening asked about Judy’s suddenly changing her
mind about selling out her confidential source. So
the reporter naturally asks about Bob and his plan to
abort all black babies.

WOLF BLITZER: “Have you discussed this issue with


“Well, no, and, Wolf, let me say, I am rather
disappointed at you for not telling me you would ask
me about that. This was about Judy Miller, and I think
that's a courtesy you could have extended to me. What
I would emphasize is Bill's comment that such a
position would be morally reprehensible, I think it's
largely making a mountain out of a molehill.

I mean, I suppose I'll get in trouble by saying that
it's well established that MEN ARE MORE VIOLENT THAT
WOMEN are more violent than women and so maybe if we
ABORT ALL MALE BABIES, we would have a safer world.”

Thanksgiving at that house must some kind politically
incorrect marathon.

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