Friday, September 30, 2005


Yeah, it’s been a pretty good week for liberals.
First Tom DeLay is indicted and then Judy Miller is
freed from jail for contempt, which means she’s going
to testify, finally, before the grand jury (damm,
they’re everywhere, aren’t they?) about who in the
White House broke the law and revealed Valerie Plame’s

What’s funny is the Times has been whining daily about
how unjust it is that she’s in jail, and she could
never reveal her source without the world coming to an

Here’s what they wrote in August:

“As of today, Judith Miller has spent more time behind
bars to protect privileged information than any other
New York Times journalist. Reporters from other news
organizations have endured longer jail time in the
same important cause over the years, but for us and we
hope for others, it should be clear after 41 days in a
Virginia jail that Ms. Miller is not going to change
her mind. She appears unwavering in her mission to
safeguard the freedom of the press to do its job

If she is not willing to testify after 41 days, then
she is not willing to testify. It's time for the judge
and the prosecutor to let Ms. Miller go.”

Well guess what. Judy testified TODAY.

As other bloggers have noted, there’s no good way to
spin this. She caved. They say now she finally got a
waiver from Scooter Libby.

But Libby says, it’s the same waiver her gave her A

One blogger said of Scooter:

“I don’t have much good to say about the vice
president’s chief of staff, but I don’t doubt that he
knows the difference between being coerced and acting
on his own free will.

How deep is the Times’ contempt for its readers that they really
think they’ll buy the “Oh, Judy finally has the right waiver” line?”


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