Thursday, November 03, 2005



"Can I quit now? Can I come home?"

--Michael Brown, former FEMA director, in an e-mail he sent the morning of the hurricane to Cindy Taylor, FEMA's deputy director of public affairs.

"I'm trapped now, please rescue me."
--Brown a few days later, to an acquaintance.

"Tie or not for tonight? Button down blue shirt?"
-- Brown, August 26, just days before Katrina made landfall.

"You look fabulous."
-- Worthy to Brown, on August 29, the day of the storm.

"I got it at Nordstroms. ... Are you proud of me?"
–- Brown's reply.

"If you'll look at my lovely FEMA attire, you'll really vomit. I am a fashion god."

-- Brown, August 29, the day of the storm.

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