Monday, August 03, 2015

It Feel Likes 164 Degrees in Iran

Thanks, Obama!

Water temperatures in the Persian Gulf routinely warm into the 90s each summer, releasing massive amounts of water vapor into the air above. For those unlucky enough to catch a breeze from the Gulf, the humidity can be stifling.

On Thursday, those breezes blew toward the Iranian side of the Gulf. At 3:30 p.m. local time Thursday, the manned observation site at the Mahshahr Airport in southwest Iran reported a temperature of 109 F (43 C) and a dewpoint of 90 F (32 C). Using the American heat index formula, those figures yielded a mind-boggling feels-like temperature of 159 F (70 C).

It was even hotter on Friday at the Mahshahr Airport when temperatures reached 114.8 F at 4:30 pm local time with a dew point of 89.6 F, leading to a heat index value of an incredible 164 F (73 C).


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While Kuwait may be well-equipped for heat, this episode promises to be among the more extreme in modern recordkeeping.

Green Eagle said...

There are now reasonable predictions that, within a few decades, global warming will render the entire southern part of the Middle East uninhabitable, with temperatures reaching as high as 130 degrees or above on a more or less regular basis. What you describe is just the beginning of this process.

I've roughly estimated the population of this area as being somewhat in excess of 220 million people. You need only to look at the disruptions in Europe caused by the ten million Syrian refugees, to see what a catastrophe this would be. In fact, it very likely will destroy civilization in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

But it's just too expensive to deal with climate change, so I guess we will just let Exxon and the Koch brothers reassure us that it is nothing but a gigantic fraud.

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-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Yep. The temp's a whole
lot hotter in Hellfire.
Puh-ray-zuh Gawwd!!!!!!
I aint going!!!!!!!!!!!
But, yet, many are due to
the 'laissez-faire' attitudes
N materialism of our narcissistic
culture which MrT is trying but
failing to stop. Jesus, have mercy
on our souls. Make Your Choice -SAW

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