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Democratic Debate - MSNBC - February 26, 2008

Democratic Debate
February 26, 2008
Sen. Hillary Clinton
Sen. Barack Obama

Brian Williams: Welcome to Ohio!! Home of 8 presidents - how the hell did that happen???


Williams: this debate is like a Republican bathhouse - the only rule is that there are no rules!

Here to make me look even more handsome is Tim Russert

Russert: that's not what you said on Sept. 23, 1986

Williams: shut up Timmy

Williams: Hillary you flew into a rage at Obama do you have emotional problems

Hillary: dammit he said i was in favor of NAFTA

Obama: no that was BAFTA - i mean fuck daniel day lewis

Clinton: he said i would make people pay for their health care plan and that's not true because i would cover everyone whereas he would not and hates sick people

Williams: now let me flash the Drudge photo again and cite the Drudge Report twice

Clinton: oh for fuck's sake

Obama: well that's fine she denies the whole Drudge thing although a doubt it - but let's talk about health care -- she never lets a day go by without reminding people that I would leave 15 million people to die in the street without health insurance

Clinton: oh yeah that's true

Obama: well she only covers people with a mandate that would include garnishing wages

Clinton: but those are free riders

Obama: oh quit whining look at your Robo-calls

Clinton: no my lies on other issues are ok - but this issue is too important to send out bad mailings - its like the health insurance companies wrote it - i take on the insurers by requiring people to go out and buy health insurance

Obama: bullshit i care about sick people as much as you do

Clinton: we all must be in the same boat so insurers can't cherrry pick the sick people

Obama: criminy that does not make sense of course insurers like a mandate and how does her plan bring down costs

Clinton: He's Barack Mandate Obama when he requires parents to go out and get it's so wrong to make parents take care of their children

Obama: wrong wrong demmit

Clinton: no my plan is affordable because i have loads of subsidies and tax credits and i would limit the cost of premiums

Obama: its a gift to insurers

Clinton: health insurance is health care - there is no difference so ergo under your plan everyone dies

Obama: duh my plan makes parents get health insurance for their kids because it's affordable

Clinton: those young fuckers must be forced to buy health insurance they think they are immortal

Williams: maybe they're Highlanders

Clinton: Barack Obama is a big baby who needs a pillow and blankie

Obama: gawd 4 years of this will be friggin painful

Clinton: yes I was in favor of NAFTA but we need a plan to fix the mistakes i made in 1996

Obama: i have one too - elect me instead

Clinton: you need a time out like the one we need for trade i know that the blue collars joe sixpacks care and i guess that's ok

Obama: mighty white of you

Clinton: NAFTA killed Ohio but Obama keeps criticizing me and that's mean

Obama: jeebus of course she was in favor of NAFTA - when I worked on the streets of Chicago a quarter of a century ago i saw devastation caused by poor trade agreements

Clinton: i can't believe your mommy let you out that late at night

Russert: gotcha hillary you said dozens of times that NAFTA was great and courageous - will you pull out of NAFTA

Clinton: i will renegotiate it - but to be fair NAFTA really was a good idea and courageous

Russert: so was it a good idea or not??

Clinton: Tim you don't have the entire record sometimes i say it's good and sometimes i don't - i've been entirely consistent

Russert: can you prove that

Clinton: the Cleveland Plain Dealer said teh negro was lying

Clinton: this is NO FAIR Obama and i never voted on NAFTA

Russert: but you were co-president

Clinton: was i?

Russert: Borat will you pull out?

Obama: i luv american workers but let's face it free trade fucks us over i want to be the Worker President

Russert: u scare me

Obama: american retirees should not me making hamburgers

Russert: i can haz cheeseburger?

Timmy: are you sure that NAFTA isn't great i mean look at my underwear it's only costs $1 a pack and comes in XXXXL

Obama: well that's very nice Timmy but i'd like to talk about windmills

Russert: tonight will you pledge to revive the city of Buffalo

Clinton: Tim i'm running for president not Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot

Russert: but you lied about the jobs

Clinton: hey fatty i thought al gore would be president all we need to do is elect a democrat

Russert: good point - Brian you try her she scares me

Williams: Hillary says you are just like George W Bush with no experience

Obama: that's because she is a creature of Washington and she is another John McCain who wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years

Brian: but she is against the war now

Obama: she freaked out when i said i would get tough on Pakistan but i was right

Clinton: i liberated ireland and gave a speech in china

Williams: but he was right about Iraq

Clinton: no i would question his foreign policy judgment

Williams: give me an example of where he has been wrong

Clinton: he agreed with me on Iraq

Williams: wow that is dumb

Williams: but if he agreed with you then what makes you better?

Clinton: i went to 80 countries with the Bill Clinton presidency

Williams: were you qualified for that?

Clinton: shut up

Obama: look Hillary and George W. Bush drove the American bus into a ditch and i'm trying to get the bus out of the ditch but it's hard

Williams: you're a hot head

Obama: i never said i would bomb Pakistan i said we need to stop fucking around with the people who attacked on 9/11 it's about a speech it's a break with the Clinton-McCain Doctrine

Tim: if the iraqi government says we should leave but Bill Kristol says we should stay should we leave???

Obama: of course motherfucker

Clinton: duh sovereignty dood

Tim: what if Al Qeada resurges and Iraq GOES TO HELL?????

Clinton: why don't you go to hell fatty

Tim: will you re-invade if there is another civil war

Clinton: sure sounds delightful pumpkinhaid

Obama: we're fucked in Afghanistan now of course i will always reserve the right to invade anywhere monaco or Nantucket or wherever

Timmy: oh noes!!

Obama: fuck you timmy as commander in chief i won't be dicking around

Williams: Hillary mocked you dood

Hillary: celestial choirs!

Obama: sounds damm good

Hillary: ha ha ha ha

Williams: whut do u think Becky

Obama: look i get it she has this whole thing where she says I'm all about speeches well for 2 decades i've worked for people - sick people, wounded warriors, and unethical fucks in Congress - and i talked to working class white women and i said i'm not interested in talk or speeches and i'm interested in getting motherfucking shit done!

Clinton: hey giving bizarre speeches is my idea of fun - you know 15 years ago i failed at making universal health care plan happen so i know what i'm doing

Brian: naturally but what else

Clinton: take on credit cards companies, dick cheney, and special interest and i am a fighter

Obama Clip: you can't run away from some things in teh White House but not others

Williams: you have to take the good and take the bad

Obama: and there you have it those are the Facts of Life

Williams: was she co-presnit?

Obama: Look fighting is not enough she ended up fighting Pat Moynihan but look if you want a fighter high a black man from the mean streets of chicago and not a fucking goldwater girl

Williams: damm my negro gettin tough

Obama: she takes cash from special interests she's part of the problem

Tim: there is nothing more important than adhering to my arbitrary standards will you vote for John McCain

Obama: look stupid my funding comes from small donors McCain's comes from 527s

Tim: but your word!!! Your pledge!

Obama: McCain is going to game this system

Russert: I am now going to talk for a half an hour about bullshit - your tax returns hillary

Clinton: sorry i fell asleep while you were talking

Russert: will you release 10,000 pages from teh Archives

Clinton: i don't run the National Archives dumbass

Russert: do you accept the support of the Scary Black Louis Farrakhan

Obama: no i don't

Russert: but will reject his vote?

Obama: well I can't-

Russert: but he said judaism was a gutter religion-

Obama: shut the fuck up shithead

Russert: but you think Farrakhan epitomizes greatness what about the Jews!!???!!?

Obama: one more such question and i will reach across the table punch that grin off your fat face

Hillary: there's a difference between denouncing and rejecting -- Obama is clearly an anti-semite

Obama: well since Hillary is going to lose this debate and the election i will be nice and give her the word reject - i reject Farrakan

Hillary: yay i win

William: well thank god we settled the all important Farrakhan Question now the people of Youngstown will get those jobs back

Williams: how can you possibly run as a black man with a more liberal record than Ted Kennedy???

Obama: ooooh i must be a Scary Liberal because I wanted an Independent Ethics Office within the U.S. Senate

Williams: but you're scary

Obama: Republicans like me because I'm gonna fight for americans

Williams: you're a Magic Negro

Russert: who will be the next President of Russia?

Hillary: he's a hand picked scary dood who's name i can't remember

Russert: what's his name

Clinton: Medvedvy something

Obama: yeah whatever Timmy

Russert: what if he invades Kosovo???

Obama: i will send the National Guard to occupy the set of Meet the Press

Russert: oh noes!

Obama: i'm not kidding you dumb fat mick

Russert: any regrets

Clinton: my iraq vote - but i was against the war - really!

Russert: so to be clear you would like a time machine

Clinton: yes

Tim: will you pledge to expend funds on a flux capacitor

Clinton: what fucktard you are

Obama: look i like Hillary Clinton and we both have big egos but we have heard heart breaking stories and these people are just looking for a little help and i am sure that when I am the White Knight Standard Bearer i will be great

Brian Williams: please say something nasty about Hillary

Obama: oh fuck off i am not going to answer that vote for me or don't i've made my case

Clinton: seriously Brian I thought Tim Russert was bad but you are also a fucker look I am running to be the first woman and i do believe that i can make change happen better because i know where the bodies are buried and where the levers of power are and I will go to bat for the poor and middle class it's time dammit

Williams: I'm brian williams - big rush limbaugh fan - thanks and good night

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