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Countdown with Keith Olbermann - Friday, January 4, 2008

Countdown with Keith Olbermanm
Friday, January 4, 2008
Sen. John Edwards
Richard Wolffe

* John Edwards *

Olbermann: hey a lot of voters turned out last night

Edwards: iowa rejected status quo and kicked hillary to the curb

Olbermann: ouch harsh dood

Edwards: there a 2 candidates who are for change and 2 with a 100 million bucks and there is me

Olbermann: which one r u

Edwards: i'm teh change guy but i'm a fighter and he's a philosopher

Olbermann: Obacrates?

Edwards: right

Olbermann: what about hillary

Edwards: she's yesterday even Obama is better than her

Olbermann: well he won

Edwards: yeah but you get it by fighting

Olbermann: rocky edwards?

Edwards: put up yur dukes

Olbermann: how come teh media sez you lost

Edwards: they're assholes

Olbermann: but not me dood

Edwards: no we need to speak for millions and win in NH

Olbermann: why did you beat blondie

Edwards: i'm real and hillary is just hungry to have a library bigger than bill's and everyone knows it

Olbermann: she can have a whole wing detailing Bill's affairs

Edwards: in the interest of academics

Olbermann: oh of course

* Richard Wolffe *

Olbermann: Obama did all right for himself last night for a state with a bunch of inbred farmers

Wolffe: how the fuck should i know i'm an inbred brit from Drury lane

Olbermann: take a guess dandy

Wolffe: hillary killed vince foster don't underestimate her

Olbermann: they may get vicious

Wolffe: it's tough to attack the young pretty black man

Olbermann: he is handsome

Wolffe: he makes me ooogly

Olbermann: Romney do or die?

Wolffe: he's like female Hillary Clinton

Olbermann: Rudy Guiliani?!

Wolffe: he doesn't like to go out in the daytime -- and that can be a real problem in Iowa and New Hampshire which don't have NYC's nightlife

Olbermann: night shift vote not enough

Wolffe: well there is the undead vote

Olbermann: it put Kennedy over the top

Wolffe: teh classics never die Keith

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