Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Voinovich to Bush: "You Are Not Listening"

CSPAN 3 Blogging - Markup Committee on Iraq Resolution:

Sen. Feingold says officials have been intimidated by the President in the past -- for example, it has been taboo to discuss timelines or withdrawal. He says the Senate is still being intimidated by the administration, as they have in the past, by not discussing their power of the purse.

Sen. Joe Biden responds, respectfully, that the has never been intimidated by anybody, much less the administration.

George (“I’ve bought into his dream”) Voinovich says that we are sending a message to the troops, that we should “speak with one voice” so as not to “confuse people”, but also to send a message to the administration -- “You are not listening!”

Likens Bush administration to a ship heading into a disaster, and that it’s time to change course.

Says the “most important audience” is not the troops, it is the administration.

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