Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Senator Dodd will announce that he's running for President tomorrow.

He's a nice guy, though I don't rate his chances very high. At a minimum, he's going to have distance himself from Joe Lieberman. Dodd endorsed Ned Lamont, so I think it's safe to say their no longer friends; nevertheless, they used to be close, of course.

His bigger problem is that while people like John McCain, Hillary Clinton and even Barack Obama are nationally famous, not as many people know who Dodd is, and even fewer, I'd guess, could say what Dodd stands for.

Dodd is a respected Senator from New England - no offense to John Kerry, who I think ran a decent campaign and is a good guy, but we tried that already. Like Joe Biden, Dodd is prominent in Washington, but unlikely to make much headway with this.


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