Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Bill Nelson (D-FL) says, referencing a previous statement by John Kerry, that the split in Iraq goes back 1500 years, to death of Mohammed.

Supports the Biden resolution, but hopes the Warner and Biden resolutions can be reconciled.

Nelson says Marine generals in Anbar convinced him that an increase in troops there might help, but that is not the central issue of the resolution.

Sen. Ben Cardin notes that he voted against the AUMF resolution four years ago, and that it was not popular in his district.

He says the President plan is wrong, and that is the consensus of the American people. References Voinovich’s ‘ship sailing into trouble’ metaphor. Says we need a political solution and that will not be obtained by sending more troops to Iraq.

Cardin is very forceful. Supports resolution.

“We should go on record opposing the President’s plan.”

Also supports “additional action”.

“We should take action on a resolution that…talks about our expectations…and the redeployment of troops.”

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