Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Sen. Joe Lieberman is back now.

He’s backtracking from his earlier slanderous remarks.

“I’m sure all the members of the committee support our troops.”

But with regard to the resolution of disapproval, he still wants Petraeus to say it will give comfort to the enemy, though Lieberman will admit that is not the “intent” of the sponsors.

Big of him.

Lieberman says he fears the resolution will somehow limit Petraeus psychologically, if not in any material way. He doesn’t explain how.

Joe: “I wish this was not on CSPAN 3 but on evening television”

Lieberman: “Is it worth it to send 21,000 troops? Is it possible to succeed?”

Petraeus says that actually, Iraq has a history of Sunnis and Shiites getting along.

Until, I guess, we invaded.

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