Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Giuliani Early Plans Laid Out

From the New York Times:

"As former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani was campaigning for Republican candidates last fall, his aides were secretly planning a Giuliani presidential campaign despite his statements to the contrary, targeting potential donors and assessing possible liabilities, including his controversial former aide, Bernard B. Kerik, and his ex-wife Donna Hanover, according to a 140-page strategy document apparently prepared by Giuliani advisers.

The public disclosure of the document, which was leaked by a Giuliani adversary to The Daily News, is potentially damaging for Mr. Giuliani, given that he has portrayed himself as a leader on security issues and strategic planning.

Indeed, for better or worse, he gained a reputation as mayor for tightly controlling and shaping public information; such a security breach in any presidential operation, but especially his, stands as an unusual embarrassment, as well as a boon to his potential opponents who want to know his thinking."

The worst news is that somebody close to his team is willing to hand over this document to a newspaper.


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Anonymous said...

Giuliani's possible liabilities?! Oh, they're more than "possible," especially considering the voters he's trying to woo.