Friday, August 10, 2007


The Republican Party has, sadly, become a kind of cult where it seems only mendacity and venality can thrive.

Latest case in point is the now notorious threatening "audit letter" the GOP is sending out to unsuspecting voters.

Some TPM commenters note the point that caught my eye too - that the letter demands "dues" - from letter recipients.

The letter threatens an "audit", demands dues, and links such threats to lack of support for the President.

The use of term "dues" is fraudulent on it's face -- the kind of cheap and sleazy trick one would suspect of the lowest spammer or direct marketer.

If the RNC isn't prosecuted for this, it will only because of, and not in spite of, the political nature of the mailing.

This is straight out of the playbook of fascist regimes, Soviet, Bolshevik, Italian Fascist, Nazi -- although I'm sure to say out loud is to violate DC protocol enough to give Cokie Roberts and David Broder the vapors.

We know the Bush administration has become a Cult of Personality, promoted by loyalists educated at places like Regent University, who swear an oath to him, and view the federal government as an instrument to promote the Bush Cult. This letter encapsulates that ideology: loyalty to Bush is loyalty to America, and Americans must be continually examined for deviation from that absolute fealty. In 1984, all citizens were expected to put in time devoted to promoting the party -- failure to do so would lead to suspicions of a lack of patriotism; perhaps of even helping the unseen enemy.

It's clear, yet again, that the party of been taken over by sniggering, junior league Nixonian ratfuckers (their term, not mine) who genuinely seem to have no morality whatsoever.

All societies produce their share of such people - the trick is to keep them, if not imprisoned, away from civilized, decent folk trying to lead their lives in peace.

Societal failure is to grant to control of the levers of power in the hopes that giving them what they wants will quiet them down and make them go away. That way, lies madness and chaos.

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shrimplate said...

Somebody thought that would work?!

Well yes. They're Republicans after all.