Saturday, August 04, 2007


Democrats who voted for the FISA bill:

* Evan Bayh
* Tom Carper
* Bob Casey
* Kent Conrad
* Dianne Feinstein
* Daniel Inouye
* Amy Klobuchar
* Mary Landrieu
* Blanche Lincoln
* Claire McCaskill
* Barbara Mikulski
* Bill Nelson
* Ben Nelson
* Mark Pryor
* Ken Salazar
* Jim Webb

Naturally Lieberman voted in favor, while I believe Chuck Hagel voted NO. (Was that so hard?)

I was liveblogging and caught Pryor and Landrieu's votes last night.

Not surpirsed by Salazar, and Webb - well he's still better than George Allen.

Others like McCaskill, Casey, Carper, Casey, Nelson (both) and Hillary's buddy, Evan Bayh, are a little disappointing.

Most surprising are people like Mikulski, Inouye, Klobuchar, and Feinstein. These are people from safe seats, who should know bettter.

Just out of curiosity - did they even read the bill?



Anonymous said...

16 democrats that need to be led to a brick wall and ...


Alex said...

I can understand Joe 'JUDAS' Lieberman cosying up to George Bush, but what explanation do the rest of the Democrats have, who voted YEA to the FISA Bill. I am told that the Mayo Clinic is offering to do spine replacement surgery. I recommend it for these shameless worms.