Monday, August 27, 2007


From the New York Times
"Investigators have determined that the broken equipment found in the basement of the vacant skyscraper was in fact part of a defective sprinkler system, not part of the standpipe, as originally believed. The finding means that an entire part of the standpipe was evidently missing, for reasons that are not clear.

It was previously announced that firefighters had been unable to get water above the fifth floor because of a shut valve and that parts of the standpipe system had cracks and other defects.

The Fire Department failed to visually inspect standpipes in the building every 15 days as required by city rules for buildings being demolished and had not done any inspections at the Deutsche Bank building since November 2006."

God love the FDNY, but someone seriously dropped the ball with regard to the Deutsche Bank building.

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report from the heartland said...

I appreciate your running commentary on Sunday, Culture. A fan, that's me.
The D-Bank scandal will be soft-pedaled, I think, because of your point-- sounds like the FDNY has a few things to answer for. (AND of course the notoriously shady construction industry in NYC).