Saturday, April 21, 2007

White House Correspondents Association Dinner - Why Bother?

The theme of the 2007 White House Correspondents Association Dinner was, essentially "we have to laugh."


I think it's safe to say while many words might describe tonight's dinner, "funny" was not one of them. At least not intentionally so.

This is not just because they had as host a man who was barely funny three decades ago, or the Virginia Tech tragedy. It's an endemic and growing problem. The Beltway media are too thin-skinned and sensitive (with reason, given their recent failures) to laugh at themselves, they won't laugh at any incumbent politicians for fear of losing access, Bush refuses to "be funny" due to current events (and the heat he's taken for seeming to be lighthearted in the midst of whatever ongoing tragic event was occuring at the time) -- so what is the point, exactly?

I'm not bashing them for being too cozy with the the figures they cover, I'm bashing them for being so paralyzed by concern out of offending anyone that they can't even by funny.



Nancy Willing said...

Shout out to CoT on his/her Birthday.

Sorry the gender neutral is de rigor after I said the 4legs was a man

I still sau if you get an illustrator for your Sunday Show Transcipts gig, you make money.

Anonymous said...

sau =say