Thursday, April 26, 2007


In the first day since his official rollout, John McCain is already sounding tired and regurgitating the lamest right wing talking points:

"If we leave Iraq there will be chaos, there will be genocide, and
they will follow us home," the Arizona senator said, calling the war
against al-Qaida "a struggle between good and evil."

I saw the McCain make the statement, and it was worse even than is sounds reading it.

Looking frankly exhausted, McCain said as if he didn't really believe it, like he was bored and just reciting something if "had to say" to win. He also came across a little bitter and condescending, like he can't believe he has to subject himself to questions like from journalists about whether the Iraq war he had supported wholeheartedly is going well, when it's about larger issues like good vs. evil.

And this is the first day of the campaign.

I think McCain, deep down, is beginning to realize it just isn't in the cards this time.

When the day you begin your campaign you start by offering an explanation as to why you're going to lose, that's not a good sign.

In the interview he said it would be worth losing the Presidency rather than give in on because it's the biggest issue of time, nothing less than good vs. evil, etc..

So if he loses the Presidency, it's because he's so fucking principled, unlike the rest of you ungrateful bastards.

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