Thursday, April 12, 2007

Barnicle To Replace Imus During Suspension

Apparently CBS looked high and low for Least Appropriate Person to replace Don Imus and came up with.... Mike Barnicle.

Washington Post:

CBS Radio said former Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle would replace Imus during his suspension. Barnicle, who left the Globe in 1998 after questions were raised about the existence of his sources, has his own troubled broadcast history. In 2004, while hosting a radio program in Boston, he described the interracial marriage of Janet Langhart and former defense secretary William Cohen as "Mandingo," a reference to a 1975 movie in which a black male slave and a white woman have sex. After the NAACP protested, Barnicle apologized on the air.

Great job, guys.

Prepare for a "national conversation" on race, rap, hymietown, Tawana Brawley, and one assumes, the occasional rosary.

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