Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus' Megalomania on Display

Imus' buddy is on now, mentioning more of Imus' charitable work, which usually just involves getting on the radio and asking people to give money for whatever disease catches his attention. Which is commendable. He says "it's a sin" that people don't know Imus better.

This is one the more bizarre aspects of this scandal, which has now moved into the phase where his celebrity friends vouch for his good heart. These people need to get this through their head: It's not our job to get to know Imus. We know him from his radio show. And it's pretty much three hours of hate, cruelty and ignorance. That's the Imus we know, and that's apparently who he is. For three hours of every day. When he has a national platform.

Don Imus, today: "I'm the one who got the death benefit raised for soldiers."

This incident has become an almost textbook study in gradiose self pity raised to megalomanic levels. Just the other day Imus pompously, angrily, announced that he had never had Hillary Clinton on his show, and "he would never have her on." Because Imus has standards.

Of course Hillary should not go on, and she has no "civil right" to go on. Nor does he have a right to have a daily radio show, be on tv every day, get paid millions of dollars, or have the most powerful media and political figures in this country pay him homage every day of the year.

Imus is not a serious person. If he keeps his show, it should be remembered that this a guy who does not take politics seriously, ethics seriously, or apparently, have any proper regard for decent human behavior.

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