Friday, July 29, 2005



Could the news get worse for those caught up in this

Oh, yes.

The big claim now is that they didn’t know that she
was undercover, or maybe she wasn’t really undercover.
(She even drove to work! Every day!)

Now that excuse is gone.

The CIA spokesman Bill Harlow testified last year
before a grand jury about conversations he had with
Novak at least three days before the column was

He said he WARNED Novak, in the STRONGEST terms he was
permitted to use without revealing classified
information, that Wilson's wife had NOT AUTHORIZED the
mission and that if he did write about it, her NAME

Harlow said that after Novak's call, he checked
Plame's status and CONFIRMED that she was an
UNDERCOVER operative.

He said he called Novak back to REPEAT that the story
Novak had related to him was WRONG and that Plame's
name should NOT be used.

He did not tell Novak directly that she was undercover
because that was classified.

So, Novak was warned several times not reveal this
information, that the story was wrong in any case, and
he prints it anyway?

What a jerk.


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