Friday, July 29, 2005



Speaking of “Meet the Press”, get this:

MR. RUSSERT: “So you would view it as inappropriate
to ask for his [Judge Roberts[ work product while he
worked in the White House counsel's office?”

MR. THOMPSON: “Well, as I say, it's--in large part,
it appears to be ATTORNEY-CLIENT information and
things, that--conversations that he has with his
priest, conversations he has with his doctor or his
wife or his client are matters that are off-limits,

This is crazy on two different levels.

1. Conversations with his doctor and priest are
confidential because of what HE told THEM, not the
other way around. Way to confuse the issue.

2. When Roberts worked in the White House Counsel’s
office, his client was the American people, not the

If Bush wants his own criminal lawyer, he can pay for
it himself. Actually, with regard to Valerie Plame,
he already has.

Smart move, by the way. On "Law & Order," they call
it "lawyering up." Fred Thompson ought to know - when
he's not on "Meet The Press," shilling for the
President, he's an actor on the show.

See how I tie it all together in the end?


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