Friday, July 29, 2005

Sunday Talk Shows


I caught the ever-beloved-by-the media John McCain on
ABC’s “This Week,” on Sunday.

Should Karl Rove lose his job? “I don’t know the
answer to that.”

Isn’t the law clear? "I don't know what the definition
of negligent."

But most of all he said, he “just doesn’t know,” and
“Just doesn’t understand” why Judith Miller is in
jail. He said it in that altar-boy way of his, as if
good, decent, wonderful Judith Miller had been pulled
off the street by an evil man, and poor, helpless John
McCain was powerless to stop the bad independent

How about this:

Judith Miller is very likely complicit in the smearing
of Joe Wilson, and the person she is protecting is

A friend of Miller’s has said that Judy Miller spoke
about Joe Wilson, it was with “a passionate and heated
disgust that went beyond the political and included an
irrelevant bit of deeply personal innuendo about him,
her mouth twisting in hatred.”


Meanwhile, on NBC, Tim Russert redefined “awkward” by
letting his guests speculate for several minutes about
what Scooter Libby may have told the grad jury – about
what Tim Russert told HIM, and what Tim testified to.
Russert finally just said, regarding his own testimony
before the grand jury,

“But I was asked what I said. I did not know.”

That’s all he said. I still have no idea what he


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