Friday, July 15, 2005

GOP: Valerie Plame Suggested Invasion of Iraq

According to sources who have briefed on the matter, it was CIA operative Valerie Plame, also known in Washington by her code name, “Wilson’s Wife,” who suggested invading Iraq in 2003.

“It’s all her fault,” said the person who asked to remain anonymous because “rational people might read this.” “We would never have invaded Iraq and gotten into that damm mess if it weren’t for her and her meddling husband,” he said.

Apparently Ms. Plame wrote a memo in 2002 urging an invasion of Iraq. Neither Mr. Bush nor President Cheney authorized the memo, and never knew her name, but somehow a declaration of war found its way into Bush’s Saturday radio address.

“By then we were committed,” said the source, who spoke on double secret sauce background, “the U.S. would look bad if we’d backed out then.”

Republicans believe that the memo was a partisan liberal trick designed to make the President look foolish. “She’s a liberal, so she gets the President to launch a war in the Middle East, even though he’s against nation building, and it turns into a total disaster, and she and her liberal friends and liberal husband laugh it up,” said the anonymous source.

“It’s not fair,” said another source. “They took advantage of Bush when he was at his most vulnerable, and now we’re in a quagmire. She’s a liberal peacenik at their most despicable, whatever her name is.”

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