Sunday, January 06, 2008


A while ago, I created a post titled a post "Chris Dodd for Senate Majority Leader".

Dodd has dropped out and more people jumping on the bandwagon for Chris Dodd to replace Harry Reid .

Today, a new post based on John Edwards passion for fighting and his experience litigating against corporations.

If he doens't get the Democratic nomination, and he doesn't want to be Vice President, what better job than U.S. Attorney General in an Obama administration?

*** John Edwards for Attorney General ***


Frank said...

Lot of people are now suggesting John Edwards join Obama ticket as the VP, but I disagree. Obama's VP must be a tested four star General in the mold of Wesley Clark and Colin Powel.
Currently, Obama could go with Gen. Scott Gration.
On the other hand, John Edwards would be the best US Attorney General since Bobby Kennedy.
Edwards is a fighter that would straighten rogue corporations and their backers.
John Edwards for AG in the mold of Robert Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

A local blog here in Connecticut posted the same I think last week. I agree with both of you. That other post was on