Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - January 13, 2008

Matthews: how can Hillary get people to stop hating her

Woodward: the story is Hillary and her emotions

Tweety: Emo!

Woodward: she's just like you Tweety -- she has to dial her personality down - in other words she's nuts

Borger: whaaaa?

Norris: women loved it when she cried and breaking glass ceilings

Matthews: she should run as a woman

Borger: her whole body is about change and she bent over backwards to look tough and now she has to look human

Matthews: ooh she's phony but the bad guys are after us!!

Brooks: she's Elizabeth Taylor she's walled off

Matthews: she's an 8-time married friend of michael and the chimp?

Borger: I felt it was wrong for Edwards and Obama to gang up and hit her

Norris: blacks worry if they gang on him it will hurt blacks image

Woodward: he's very handsome

Matthews: that is so true

Brooks: people are idiots

Matttews: hey!

Brooks: well not us we're licensed professionals

Norris: dood teh polls were wrong

Matthews: Women voted!

Borger: Obama has to outline an agenda that appeals to waitresses - he's an uppity elitist

Matthews: Rove says Hillary appeals to beer drinkers

Brooks: not Starbucks and wine - that’s Obama

Matthews: who gets Dunkin Donuts vote?

Brooks: that would be Hillary but who will Juan Valdez vote for ???

Matthews: that crazy Edwards won't drop out he's like Ben Stein in Honeymoon in Vegas he's an irritating asshole

Brooks: he's helping Obama because he appeals to the Krizpy Kreme vote

Borger: he's going to be the Burger King-maker!

Woodward: I like McDonalds fries dipped in mayonnaise

Matthews: i love it!

Matthews: the Establishment luvs john McCain!!!

Woodward: well they wanna win and he's got a certain aura - its either moral authority or the stink of impending death

Matthews: i can't tell

Woodward: he's a problem fixer anyone can see that

Borger: i love John McCain because he's not polarizing everyone hates him

Matthews: no doubt he's a patriot and a hero

Brooks: he's our SOB

Matthews: we need him to stop the women and blacks!!!

Norris: Oprah is coming back and Obama will use her in South Carolina!

Woodward: people care about this pesky Iraq war

Matthews: might you have a new book about this??

Woodward: you read my mind you coy bastard

Borger: it's all over on Feb 5 - or maybe not it's all an imperative
The Chris Matthews Show
January 13, 2008

Matthews: March 4th!

Brooks: Obama tires easily i suspect sickle cell

Matthews: maybe his big penis wears him down

Matthews: will candidates dump Bush??

Norris: everyone hates him

Woodward: they will do anything do win they are almost as bad as Dems

Borger: r u kidding? Bush is a horror

Brooks: depends on Iraq

Matthews: ha!

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