Tuesday, June 12, 2007


"U.S. Troops Kill 7 Afghan Police"

(By AP/Amir Shah)

"U.S. forces mistakenly killed seven Afghan police and wounded four in an apparent friendly fire incident early Tuesday in eastern Afghanistan, Afghan officials said.

Police manning a remote checkpoint in Nangarhar province said an American convoy backed by helicopters approached and opened fire despite their protests and calls for them to stop.

"I thought they were Taliban, and we shouted at them to stop, but they came closer and they opened fire," said Khan Mohammad, one of the policemen at the post. "I'm very angry. We are here to protect the Afghan government and help serve the Afghan government, but the Americans have come to kill us."

I have a question, aside from the specific circumstances of this case, prompted by the policeman's comment. Is it common for the Taliban to attack in large convoys backed by helicopters?

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biff3000 said...

That's a really good question. Sometimes I get the feeling we aren't getting a true picture of the war from the media. Just a feeling, mind you.