Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is Mitt Romney Too Weird to be President? Part III

According to this morning's New York Times, Jay Garrity, the director of operations of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, is going on "a paid leave of absence while the authorities investigate accusations that he impersonated a state trooper in Massachusetts and told a reporter in New Hampshire that he had run the reporter’s license plate".

According to reporter Pam Belluck, "Mr. Garrity has worked for Mr. Romney since his successful 2002 campaign for governor of Massachusetts. In 2004, Mr. Garrity was cited by the Boston police and fined after a Crown Victoria that was registered to him and that had been illegally parked was found to have police equipment without the requisite permits. The equipment included flashing lights, a siren, a nightstick and identification with a state police patch on it."

Quite a charmer, this guy.

Someone left a voicemail message at a company called Wayne’s Drains, saying he was "Trooper Garrity," of the "Massachusetts State Police" and complained about one of the company's drivers. As if that weren't creepy enough, then the person said he was coming to the company to issue a citation.

Promising to show up in person to issue a ticket! That's either one very industrious state trooper, or someone with a serious screw loose.

The call was made from a call apparently linked to Jay Garrity. Garrity says is completely innocent, and far be it from this commenter to suggest otherwise. Culture of Truth and all that.

Garrity has had some bad luck lately, because a reporter for the Times, Mark Leibovich, says that Jay Garrity recently got out of Mitt Romney’s car, walked over to his car, and told him that he couldn't follow Romney's car, and further, that he had "run his license plate."

Paul Nagy, the chairman of "Conserve NH," must be backing another candidate, because he has apparently filed a complaint with the state attorney general’s office on Thursday.

From the Times: “They broke New Hampshire law,” Mr. Nagy said. “It was very arrogant, and that’s not the way we treat people up here during a presidential primary season.”


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