Monday, May 07, 2007

Is Mitt Romney Too Weird To Be President? Part Two

Mitt Romney:

"It seems that Europe leads Americans in this way of thinking," Romney told the crowd of more than 5,000. "In France, for instance, I'm told that marriage is now frequently contracted in seven-year terms where either party may move on when their term is up. How shallow and how different from the Europe of the past."

Recently I speculated that while Gov. Romney certainly looks and sounds the part, he might be too weird to be President. And although the consensus is that he performed well in the GOP debates, his recent comments do nothing to disabuse one of the notion that Mitt Romney's capacity for thinking and speaking is like that of a man operating one golden plate short of a holy book.

Via Ana Marie Cox, we learn that Romney's nutty crack is from "The Memory of Earth," a sci-fi version "of the Book of Mormon set in outer space."

They say when fascism comes to the USA it will be draped in the flag and carrying a cross.

And when a crazy man becomes President, he will he have a chiseled chin and perfect hair.

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