Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stop Him Before He Sub-References Again! Done.


Reports are that Dennis Miller's show on CNBC has been cancelled. Either the last show will be on Friday the 13th (how appropriate) or . . . . never.

I used to really like Dennis Miller, even when he could be annoying, with all the obcure pop culture references and such.

But what a waste that show was!

Bad, boring television, poor production values, and a weak host. His inept, if not outright appalling interview with Eric Alterman was the nadir for the show and probably the network. By the end, Miller made John McEnroe look like Edward R. Murrow.

Miller seemed to have been to driven to some sort of midlife, post-September 11 imbecility, ranting (naturally) not just standard Republican cant (thought that was his fallback position) but a sad, sort of pathetic kind of whining that seemed to culminate in a frustration with our lack of ability to nuke everyone, everywhere.

I'm paraphrasing, having not seen the show on a regular basis.

Whither Miller? Hard to say, be unlike some die-hards, his heart just didn't seem be in it these days. He's probably glad it's over.

Don't feel too bad, Dennis. Shilling for Bush has broken tougher men than you....

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