Friday, May 13, 2005

Question of the Day


The Air Force is looking into widespread allegations that evagelical christians have been harrassing students on the campus of the Air Force Academy. What did the Pentagon do this week to address the issue?

A) Interviewed students on campus to get their opinion.

B) Praised the individuals who brought the issue to their attention.

C) Released a statement clarifying that the Air Force does not endorse any single religion.

D) Announced they would not accept harrassing of students.

E) Fired a distinguished Captain who agreed with the allegations.

Answer: E

The Captain Morton mentioned in the above quote is the same as mentioned in this one:

From the "Washington Post,": "An Air Force chaplain who complained that evangelical Christians were trying to "subvert the system" by winning converts among cadets at the Air Force Academy was removed from administrative duties last week, just as the Pentagon began an in-depth study of alleged religious intolerance among cadets and commanders at the school.

"They fired me," said Capt. MeLinda Morton, a Lutheran minister who was removed as executive officer of the chaplain unit on May 4. "They said I should be angry about these outside groups who reported on the strident evangelicalism at the academy. The problem is, I agreed with those reports."

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