Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Baptist Preacher Quits

The Associated Press is reporting that the Baptist preacher who forced nine members to leave his church because they refused to support President Bush has himself been.... forced out.

"For me to remain now would only cause more hurt for me and my family," the preacher, the Rev. Chan Chandler, said as he left a meeting at East Waynesville Baptist Church.

Looks like they were kind of shocked by the attention, specifically, the IRS.

Congregants of the 100-member church have said that Mr. Chandler endorsed Mr. Bush from the pulpit during last year's presidential campaign and said that anyone who planned to vote for the Democratic nominee, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, needed to "repent or resign."

The church members said that he continued to preach about politics after Mr. Bush won re-election, culminating in a church gathering last week in which the nine members said they were ousted.

The right wing will spin this as: "Preacher forced out for reading from the Bible in Church," you can be sure.

It's very simple:

This is about taxes. If you own property, you pay taxes. If you have income, you pay taxes. But not if you're a church.

If you don't want to pay your fair share of taxes, then play by the rules.

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