Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gregg Hitt and Tamara Audi - Fair and Unbalanced

"High Turnout Seen in Massachusetts Battle Close Race for Senate Galvanizes Supporters"
January 19, 2010

By Gregg Hitt and Tamara Audi

Quotes from Brown supporters: 2
Quotes from Coakley supporters: 0

Quotes from chair of RNC: 1
Quotes from chair of DNC: 0

Quotes from a Republican strategist: 1
Quotes from a Democratic strategist: 0

Wall St. Journal:

In Littleton, Mass., Alex Olsen, a professor at the University of Massachusetts, said he's fed up with Mr. Obama and the Democratic majority. He voiced strong discontent with efforts to push the health bill through the Senate. "They're just trying to ram things down our throats," said Mr. Olsen, 65, an independent. "People are just so sick and tired of being treated like second-class citizens."

Gene Giordano, 65, an engineer from Salisbury, Mass., said he voted for Ross Perot
and Ralph Nader in past presidential campaigns and plans to support Mr. Brown Tuesday.

"I just believe in this fellow, for some reason," he said. Mr. Giordano voiced concern
with the Obama administration's decision to put terrorists on trial in the U.S., and said he wants more parity between the parties in the Senate. "I'm a man of balance," he said.

Quotes from Coakley supporters: None


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