Friday, July 20, 2007

Marc Ambinder Obsessed With Edward's Follicles

Ambinder, Atlantic Monthly blogger:

"Why doesn't John Edwards's hair equal Mitt Romney's face paint?

The primary difference is definitional: The centerpiece of Edwards's campaign is his anti-poverty efforts; he presents himself as a dedicated messenger for the cause, and he likes expensive haircuts, bought a gimungous house, etc. etc. His credibility as a messenger comes into question when he spends money ostentatiously. (The haircut was inadvertently billed to the campaign, a spokesman later said."

From The Atlantic Website:

About Marc Ambinder

Marc is an associate editor at the Atlantic and a contributing editor to both the Hotline and Naitonal Journal. He's a 2001 graduate of Harvard, and he pays his taxes in Washington, D.C.


And he misspelled "National" in his own fucking bio.



Anonymous said...
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shrimplate said...

Ambinder would have us believe that rich people can only maintain acceptability in the eyes of America if they cravenly seek to maximize their own gratification at the expense of all others.

Rich people, even if their fathers fathers worked in cotton mills, must subscribe to the sensational greed of their fellow bramins or be shunned by Very Serious Journalists for showing concern for less fortunate people.

Ambinder can go fuck himself in the neck.