Friday, March 30, 2007

Cat Blogging


Professor Howdy said...


Dear Friend,

After much thought, I have decided
to leave 'Thought & Humor'.

The reasons are many but they all boil
down to this: Nobody writes me anymore
so it must mean that you don't like me
or my UNC jokes, riddles, cartoons
or funny pictures:O(

I was hoping people would contact me
by posting a kind message in the
"comments" on this blog but no one has.


P.S. All of you liberals can now be happy
because I am giving up. You have finally
won after 10 years of publishing...

P.P.S. The sad song playing on my blog
really fits my mood! You know I think
that I might have possibly visited your
site awhile back. Do you remember
or am I wrong?

watertiger said...


Plum Pudding said...


Nancy Willing said...

he/she is a real skinny minny!

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