Saturday, February 24, 2007

Guiliani Leads Poll for GOP Nomination

A lot of bloggers seem insistent that Rudy Giuliani cannot win the Republican nomination for President, given his well-known positions on issues such abortion, gay rights and gun control.

Skeptics also point the former Mayor’s personal life, for example. his three marriages, and the way he treated his wife while he was Mayor, Donna Hanover.

All this is supposed to doom his chances with Republican primary voters, who are supposed to be very conservative.

But Josh Marshall points to a poll that show Rudy far outpolling his rivals.

It’s to face the reality that Giuliani may very well be the nominee, and think about how that would affect a national Democratic race.

I’m in the minority, but I think there is very good chance that Giuliani will be the Republican nominee for President, and that if he were be a strong candidate. It’s true, his just being the nominee would change the Republican party in fundamental ways, but I wouldn’t count him out.

More later on why electing Giuliani President would be unhealthy for this country.

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Anonymous said...

If Giuliani is the leading contender for the nomination at the time of the national convention, I hope the platform committee meetings are videotaped or broadcast live!