Wednesday, February 14, 2007


When we can leave, according to George W. Bush:

An Iraq which:

(1) Has a government bound by a constitution
(2) Is even handed in application of security
(3) Is Relatively peaceful
(4) Has Security from criminals and terrorists
(5) Is Federalist
(6) Which Shares resources
(7) Which is an ally in the war on terror
(8) Which is a bulwark for moderation.

Bush appears to find all this terribly amusing.

I must say he may be the only one.

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Rueful said...

Bush appears to find all this terribly amusing.

I know. Something just ain't right with the guy.

In the same press conference, he also said that he's never been to Iraq so how would he know whether there's a civil war going on there. So much for the plastic turkey Thanksgiving surprise visit, I guess.

One on-airhead commented how "frisky" and "confident" Bush seemed. Which of course does not mean that Bush isn't totally nuts. He's just a frisky and confident nutter.