Friday, June 23, 2006


So the media has gone crazy with this Miami terror story.

From "The New York Times:

“The seven men, who lived in a windowless, one-story
warehouse that was raided by F.B.I. agents on
Thursday, included five American citizens, one
permanent legal resident and one illegal immigrant
from Haiti, according to prosecutors.”

“John S. Pistole, the F.B.I.'s deputy director said it
was "more aspirational than operational," but
illustrated the threat posed by small groups without
connections to international terror networks.”

“They asked him [an FBI informant] for money, weapons,
binoculars and boots and in return pledged loyalty to
Al Qaeda and offered to assist in a supposed plot to
blow up federal buildings in five cities.”

“Mr. Pistole said the group had no actual connection
to Al Qaeda.”


Ok, so, just so I'm clear: Seven homeless guys living
in a windowless garage in Miami asked an FBI informant
if he could please get them some shoes and in return
the agreed to tell he what he wanted hear about some
crazy massive terror plot.

That sound about right?


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