Monday, December 19, 2005


With just days to go in a Congressional session
presiding over three wars, massive debt, a huge trade
deficit, a stalled economy and natural disasters,
Congress this week devoted itself to: Defending

The House seriously debated a resolution to support
the "symbols and traditions" of Christmas, and to
disapprove of utterly mythical "attempts to ban
references to Christmas.” H. Res. 579, is a
resolution "Expressing the sense of the House of
Representatives that the symbols and traditions of
Christmas should be protected."

It gets worse.

During the debate, Democratic members asked the
Republican author of the resolution, Rep. Jo-Ann Davis
(R-VA), if she would permit the symbols of Hanukkah
and other holidays to be included in the protection of
the resolution -- and she refused.

"Yes, Virginia... and North Carolina, Oklahoma, New
Jersey and others... your GOP representatives believe
in the imaginary 'war on Christmas,' and apparently
they think this is the best use of Congress' time.
And apparently they think nothing of pressing their
Jewish House colleagues to actually cast a
congressional vote in favor of Christian 'symbols and
traditions,' and they refuse to offer the same
supposed protections to the symbols of Chanukah,”
National Jewish Democratic Council Executive Director
Ira N. Forman said.

"In this case, House Republicans are adopting the
talking points of the most extreme, most divisive
far-right elements in today's society -- and making
that agenda the work of the people's House. Aside from
being a colossal waste of time, it's divisive, it
excludes other practices and faiths, and it buys into
the conservative fantasy that there's some war against
the 95 percent of Americans who celebrate Christmas,"
he also said.


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