Friday, June 17, 2005

Orange Glazed Herrings


"I sent down yesterday for the menu from Guantanamo so that the average American could understand how we're brutalizing people in Guantanamo."

"For Sunday, they're going to be having -- let me see -- orange glazed chicken, fresh fruit, steamed peas and mushrooms, rice pilaf -- another form of torture for the hijackers. We treat them very well."

"So we have the legend that end that there is so-called gulag-like treatment and the reality is honey glazed chicken on Sunday."

–– Representative Duncan Hunter

Do they do take out?

Yes! Duncan Hunter really is a Congressman.

You see what he did there? He took what no one is calling torture - what they may not be eating -- and debunked it. "Another form of torture for the hijackers."

Even assuming this idiotic line of thinking is based on fact -- and not, say, some menu he got from the Pentagon -- this line of argument is clever, if deceitful. It's the kind of thing Rush Limbaugh does all the time. (I know, because I was forced to listen for a couple of years. It's no wonder people start agreeing with Rush, after you've been listening for awhile.)

If a red herring is an irrelvant argument designed to serve as a distraction, then this is a orange herring.

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