Friday, June 03, 2005

Nixon's Thugs


The political back and forth of the last few days has
been a big “reveal,” as they say in the entertainment

The events of Watergate were not a coup, or a liberal
conspiracy, or about the war, or communism, or the
media out to get Nixon. And no, not "everybody did
it". The conspirators were not “standing on
principle,” when they went to prison.

They were cheap thugs, muscle men in suits, wearing
black gloves, carrying burglary tools and brown bags
full of cash.

They were ordinary criminals, scurrying around in the
dark with flashlights, dreaming up every increasingly
violent scenarios and too dumb not to get caught.

And they turned on each other immediately. They were
cowards, greedy for money, for power, and in it for
cheap thrills.

They were a bunch of half crazy, delusional dreamers
and schemers, who in another day would have run
identity theft scams out of a basement, get rich quick
pyramid schemes, shady real estate deals, or simply
engaged in loan sharking and extortion.

Nixon and his bunch were intent on controlling every
part of the government and forcing them to work
exclusively for their political party. They would
consolidate power, silence opposition, and use the
machinery of government, including threats of prison,
to make it happen.

Nixon and his aides willingly hired brutes and crooks
who would use ultimately wiretapping, burglary, and
old fashioned threats of violence to render people too
frightened to speak out against them.

These are the tools of terrorists, dictators and
fascists everywhere, and they always have been.


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